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The activity of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS) is carried out according to those specified in the Official Monitor – the Decree on establishing the state of emergency in the territory of Romania, no. 195 of March 16, 2020 – the period of suspension of the “face-to-face” teaching activities was extended until after the Easter holidays.

Regarding the use of the Moodle platform, according to the working procedures in the university, for the period of emergency status, if unforeseen situations arise:

  1. Students will address the issues to the IT responsible of the faculty (Andrei Vasilateanu –;
  2. The requests will be solved at the faculty level.

To avoid overloading the platform used within UPB, please use Moodle CHAT only in case of strict need; very large files should be submitted on, and the link to access them should be placed on the lecture platform.

In order to use Microsoft Teams, students must first change their password on Moodle, then login with the UPB associated email (<user> @ and the new password. Wait an hour from changing the password until you try to log in to Microsoft Teams.

(EN) Prevention and Risk Monitoring Measures in Relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest

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