Students of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, who cannot access the courses organized online on the platform www.cursuri.pub.ro will communicate this impossibility to the email address office_fils@upb.ro or to the addresses of the responsible secretaries of the program followed (English branch – secretariatfils.engleza@gmail.com, French branch – maria_cristina20032003@yahoo.com, German branch – secretariatgermana175@gmail.com), by completing Anexa nr. 1_H_23-22.04.2020.

Deadline for submission Annex 1, by e-mail: 12 May 2020

Please specify in the subject “Lack of online access”, for a faster processing.

According to the Board Decisions, students who declare that they do not have access to the platform www.cursuri.pub.ro, will be evaluated in one of the following ways, chosen by each teacher:

For students who declare that they do not have the technical possibilities to take distance assessments using the platforms www.cursuri.pub.ro (“Moodle”) and / or “MS Teams”, the mobile phone is used for “oral exam” type assessments with the following details:

• students in this category can be summoned by e-mail or text messages on their mobile phone to support the assessment at a date and time agreed upon;

• each student receives at the time of the examination a subject by e-mail or, in the worst case, by text messages on the mobile phone;

• at least two examining teachers enter the “MS Teams” platform and one of the examiners initiates a call on the mobile phone to each student at agreed time intervals;

• the examiner initiates a dialogue with the examined student;

• the grade can be given as soon as the dialogue with each student ends;

• the verification test will be registered, and the link will be uploaded on the platform www.cursuri.pub.ro. ”

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