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In order to access the platforms and services offered by UPB, new students must activate their account from the   platform. After entering the CNP, students will receive credentials by e-mail or phone from their admission account. Details here:

Older students can reset their personal account password from the platform on their own. Details here:

The platform implements authentication using two steps: Username and password and Using a TOTP authentication code. For more details access:

Moodle is the virtual training environment (VLE) used at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, accessible at . Authentication is done using the credentials obtained from .

Teams is the platform for live courses, accessible at Authentication is done using the credentials obtained from .

Each student can access their personal account (in which you can find also your grades), created based on the one from admission. The personal page can be accessed at the link: Authentication is done using the following credentials: CNP as account name and the last 6 digits from your CNP as password. For foreign students (non-UE), the chief secretary provides the data for authentication. 

Erasmus students and student who redo the course must ask for access to the course owner.

If you have difficulty accessing UPB IT platforms, you must open a ticket at You will get an answer in maximum 3 working days.

Mrs. Vice-Dean Maria-Iuliana Dascalu ( supervises the Moodle platform at the faculty level.

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