Master in Business Administration and Engineering

The program runs for 20 years and produced graduates working in key positions in multinational or national companies, some started up as their own entrepreneurial initiatives. The program addresses the graduates of faculties from technical universities, general universities or academies of economics from Romania and from abroad wishing to obtain economic knowledge and to complete their digital expertise in order to be part of a successful business

Type and duration of the master’s program

Research Master Program, 4 semesters, 120 ECTS, all activities given in English.

Program objectives

  • Ensuring a superior training based on curricula and course programs similar to those used in the most important European institutions of higher education, to facilitate the natural integration into a globalized labor market and make it possible to recognize and diploma equivalence.
  • Development of bilateral and multilateral ties with universities in advanced countries, to ensure a rapid transfer of knowledge and specialized teaching, strengthening mutual understanding and creating the conditions for the recognition of diplomas.
  • Ensuring for higher education excellence, contributing to the continuous renewal of methods and content in line with the requirements of development and increased international cooperation in technology.
  • The possibility of inviting foreign specialists and prestigious Romanian to present certain topics in depth at the economic research to date.

General skills

Analytical ability and problem solving in economic, financial and managerial domains which occurrs in companies in the real conditions of the market globalized current and which require immediate and efficient solutions  with a high degree of complexity and creativity, development of skills required and transferable labor market and broaden the prospects in professional careers.

Specific skills

Knowledge enabling the efficient use of economic resources, financial and managerial success in business and individual professional development. Business administration studies offers students the opportunity better understanding of market mechanisms, assimilation of new concepts, techniques and communication work. Methodologies from information processing, extraction and use of knowledge are essential for various industries, contributing to the improvement of companies and enterprises. Entrepreneurial Studies aimed at preparing graduates to start their own business, independent, generating new jobs and opportunities, to prevent young people into leaving school simple competitors in the labor market for jobs offered by existing companies .

Subjects in the curriculum

  • Industrial Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Management of Information Systems
  • Event Driven Dynamic Systems
  • International Trade and Transactions
  • Scientific Research 1
  • Strategic Management
  • Numerical Methods for Economic Systems
  • Data and Signal Processing for Business
  • Business Cultural Models and Diversity Management
  • Scientific Research 2
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management
  • Prediction of System Evolution
  • Modeling of Complex Systems
  • Scientific Research 3
  • Practical work, Scientific Research (Master Thesis preparation)


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