Master’s Degrees in English

The Master’s programs given in English at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages include:

  • Business Administration and Engineering

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  • Software Engineering

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  • Energy Engineering, in cooperation with T. U. Darmstadt (Germany) 

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  • Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering (BioTE) – Biomateriale pentru ingineria tesuturilor (în limba engleză)

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  • Advanced materials processing and design (AMPD) – Procesarea și designul avansat al materialelor (în limba engleză)

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Master’s Degrees in French

The Master’s programs given in French at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages include:

  • Management, innovation et technologies des systèmes collaboratifs -more details in Romanian
  • Ingénierie des systèmes industrielsDiploma DHET with  INSTITUT NATIONAL POLYTECHNIQUE de TOULOUSE-more details in Romanian
  •   Technologies de la traduction automatique -more details in Romanian


Master’s Degrees in German

The Master’s programs given in German at the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages include:

  • Geschäfts- und Industrieverwaltung – more details in Romanian
  • Entwicklung und Organisation mechatronischer Systeme – more details in Romanian
  • Nachhaltige Geschäftsexzellenz und Leadership in der Industrie- more details in Romanian


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