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Language Proficiency Certificate

The candidates must supply a Certificate of Language Proficiency issued either by high schools with a special profile (bilingual) or by other certified organizations (for example TOEFL or Cambridge for English, DELF or DALF for French, Sprachdiplom or TestDaf for German).

The candidates who do not possess such a certificate can obtain it from the Board of Modern Languages in Polytechnic University.

A candidate can apply for one or more language streams in the faculty. Options are made during application.

Admission Exam

The exam consists of written examinations. For Information Engineering and Applied Electronics, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science:

  • Algebra and Calculus (M1)
  • Physics or Geometry and Trigonometry (M2)

For Chemical Engineering the admission depends on the grades in the record from high school for the disciplines:

  • Algebra and Calculus or Inorganic Chemistry (M1)
  • Organic Chemistry or Physics (M2)


The classification of the candidates is made according to the general average (MG) which is computed in the following way:

  • MC = (M1 + M2) /2
  • MG = (4*MC +BAC)/5

Classification Algorithm:

  • Candidates are ordered descending by general average
  • The candidates` options for the stream/specialization are taken into consideration, according to the result list and to the priorities defined by the candidate at application.

This means that in case all the places for a specialization are occupied, the next candidate that marked this specialization as his first priority, will be relocated to his second option. Only then the next candidate in the list is processed.


The candidates for Chemical Engineering specialization at English or French streams must mark as their first option our faculty`s specialization.

All candidates from outside Bucharest who are enrolled benefit (if requested) of accommodation in the faculty campus.

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