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Intalnirea consultativa cu tema “Automatizarea proceselor de afaceri prin tehnologiile viitorului”

Universitatea POLITEHNICA din București are plăcerea de a vă invita să participați la întâlnirea consultativă “Automatizarea proceselor de afaceri prin tehnologiile viitorului” dedicată studenților și absolvenților (Alumni) UPB. Evenimentul este organizat în cadrul proiectului „Ambasadori UPB – Reprezentanți ai companiilor” și va avea loc online, miercuri, 24 noiembrie a.c., începând cu ora 19: pe platforma […]

Methodology for organizing undergraduate, master’s, doctoral and postgraduate studies during November 15, 2021 – January 28, 2022 (weeks 7-14) from the first semester

We return to hybrid format starting with Monday: at bachelor level, courses will be online and labs/projects/seminars will be face-to-face (with some exceptions); at master level, everything will be online (if requests for face-to-face are not made). The research activities with the master students will be carried out face to face. The schedule will be […]

Two-step authentication workshop

On Thursday, November 4, between 10-11, there will be an Online Workshop on 2-step authentication (2fa). This workshop is meant to present the 2fa utility in authentication, ways to achieve this as well as a passage through the solution present in UPB at this time. At the end, specific questions will be taken, if necessary. […]

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