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Exam scheduling

Exam scheduling The scheduling of the exams from the summer session will be established by each teacher by consulting the students. The transmission of the exam data, as well as other details considered important (time, Moodle link of the exam, email prof, etc.) to the faculty secretariat is made by the head of each group […]

Information lack of online access

Students of the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages, POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, who cannot access the courses organized online on the platform will communicate this impossibility to the email address or to the addresses of the responsible secretaries of the program followed (English branch –, French branch –, German branch […]


THE SCHOOL MUST GO ON…line WILLING TO SHARE This is an open invitation from Chair of Foreign Languages in University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest to all of you working in academic environments in humanities all over the place, in these challenging times of coronavirus, to team up in order to find solutions to the major change from […]

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