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Methodology for selecting the target group within the project “Professional and practical training to meet the requirements of the industry in the field of information technology (PP-TIC), code MySMIS 133115




The Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS) is an engineering faculty included in POLITEHNICA University in Bucharest, where teaching is conducted integrally in 3 foreign languages of international circulation: English, French and German.

FILS aims to establish:

  • The formation of bilingual and multilingual specialists with a wide area of expertise, capable of filling the needs of Romanian companies with developed external partnerships, of mixed enterprises and of foreign enterprises established in Romania.
  • The promotion of mobility for students by facilitating their travel abroad for internships in foreign companies, perfecting their language skills and offering the possibility of study in foreign partner universities and also creating opportunities for student exchanges.
  • The development of bilateral and multilateral ties with the engineering schools of foreign universities, in the purpose of assuring a rapid exchange of pedagogical and specialized knowledge and of creating the conditions for the recognition of diplomas.
  • The possibility for foreign students to directly commence their studies without the need of learning the Romanian language beforehand.
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