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The Preparatory Program of Romanian Language for Foreign Citizens


The Preparatory Program of Romanian Language for Foreign Citizens is an intensive course, which aims at the development of the socio-linguistic and cultural competences necessary to pursue the studies in the Romanian language at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral levels, but which also helps the students to successfully adapt to the new socio-cultural environment.

This Romanian language course is designed for the foreign students who want to enroll in Romanian graduate and  postgraduate (Master, PhD, specialization) courses in Romania. Our expertise has been proven over more than 20 years and we pride ourselves on specialized teachers, carefully chosen study materials and varied teaching methods. Moreover, we have successfully delivered online courses on our university e-learning platform: MS Teams and Moodle.

The teaching activities are interactive, based on contextual practice of grammar and vocabulary elements. These are as varied as possible and cover all the four competences necessary for learning foreign languages: oral/written comprehension, written/oral production, in a very natural form of integration, closed to reality – from comprehension to production, from controlled to free production.

The Romanian language course for foreign citizens enrolled in the preparatory year has the following objectives:

  • the development of linguistic competences (oral/written comprehension, effective oral/written production, interaction in conversation), according to the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Foreign Languages (CEFR), elaborated by the Council of Europe, which help the students to attend graduate/postgraduate/professional specialization courses;
  • the acquisition of a series of culture and civilization elements, as well as the development of intercultural competences;
  • the acquisition of specialty vocabulary, which facilitate the students’ oral and written expression, as well as oral and written comprehension in specialized language from various domains such as: medical, technical, humanistic, social.

The classes are taught throughout one academic year (2 semesters), ensuring the number of hours necessary for covering the teaching subject. The course output is the acquisition of general and specialized language knowledge and competences, but also the acquisition of knowledge in the field of Romanian culture and civilization.

After passing the exams in all studied disciplines, at the end of the preparatory year you will receive a graduation certificate, necessary to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Romania.

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